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Altar Workers Ministry

Altar Workers help “birth new babes into the Kingdom!”  They assist with new converts seeking salvation. They are called to travail and pray for the deliverance of those who are broken, hurting, and bound.


Baptismal Ministry

In accordance with Acts 2:38, the Baptismal Ministry baptizes new converts and offers prayer, encouragement, and direction in their new walk with Christ.


Children’s Ministry (Junior Church)

The Children’s Ministry focuses on children 5-12.  We want our little ones to know the Lord from an early age and that God can use them at any age. The love of Christ is taught through movies, Christian literature, and the Word.


Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry provides students with sound teaching in the Word of God in order to facilitate spiritual growth.  The goal for every student is to become a mature believer who is firmly grounded in the Word. In addition to Sunday School and Bible Class, we have Ministerial Training, New Members classes and Thru-the-Bible in a year.

Evangelism, Outreach & Prison Ministry

We know that The Word of God has to go beyond the four walls of the church building. We are committed to offering Christ to the community along with food and clothing. We also go behind the prison walls to preach “life” to those in bondage.

Hospitality & Greeters Ministry

When visitors arrive at the Temple, greeters provide them with a warm welcome to our services. The Hospitality staff makes sure to get acquainted so that they know they are among friends.


Missionary Ministry

The Missionaries lead the way in prayer, as well as ministering to the sick, shut-in and bereaved. The prayer warriors also maintain a constant prayer covering for our Pastor, leaders, and the ministry as a whole.


Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry is dedicated to breaking through the barriers that stunt the spiritual growth of men.  Our desire is to see men operating in the character of Christ.

Music Ministry

The GBT Music Ministry understands the importance and privilege we have to usher in the Spirit of the Lord so that souls are prepared to receive The Word of God. Whenever we lift our voices in song, it is clear that we have been anointed by God!

Single’s Ministry

The purpose of the Single’s Ministry is to promote Christian fellowship to all single members of Bethlehem, ages18 and older through uplifting activities, informational forums, and enjoyable outings. We strive to produce an atmosphere that promotes spiritual maturity and natural wholeness.


Ushers Ministry

Because we value our visitors and members, ushers are charged with providing a welcoming, friendly atmosphere as well as an orderly experience for those attending our services.


Women’s Ministry

The Sisters of Bethlehem strive to help women become informed, empowered, and inspired in the Word of God.  Every woman is encouraged to stay grounded in Christ in order to have His purpose fulfilled in them.  


Young People’s Ministry

Our vision for the Young People’s Ministry is to instill in them a desire to be rooted and grounded in their love for Christ.  They stay connected to the body of Christ through activities, events, and services designed for them.

Armour Bearers Ministry & Security

Armour Bearers care for the needs of our Pastor as well as visiting Ministers. They provide prayer, support and security. Church Security is well prepared for external/internal threats, emergencies and catastrophes which gives the congregation a feeling of safety. 

Audio/Visual Ministry

The Audio/Visual ministry handles all of the audio needs of the ministry from running the various boards and equipment to providing quality recordings of our services and events.

Communications Ministry

The focus of the Communications Ministry is to create and produce internal and external materials that effectively convey Bethlehem’s mission and related activities through web, print media, photography, and video.



Our Deacons implement the role of deacon as referred to in Acts Chapter 6 and I Timothy 3:8-13. They are dedicated to God, church, and Pastor. They seek to win souls for the kingdom of God; baptize and pray whenever necessary; visit the sick and afflicted; attend services; serve at communion; help the needy and underprivileged; cheerfully give offerings and tithes; help maintain the church; maintain rules and regulations of the church; serve during offering time; work with the Finance Committee as required



Trustees are entrusted with the charge of maintaining Bethlehem’s property while working in conjunction with the financial committee to approve major expenses. They are dedicated to God, church, and Pastor. They cheerfully give offerings and tithes.

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